San Francisco Sep 2017

The last three shows of the US leg of this tour will be San Francisco, San Diego and LA. Every show has been incredible so far. Amazing audiences. Looking forward to getting to Australia and New Zealand – they have a lot to live up to now!

We will be saying goodbye to our US lighting tech Eric Morriss, who has been doing a stellar job. Will be sad to leave him behind. Onwards and upwards… 

Washington, Philadelphia, Boston 

Two shows into the Alison Moyet US Tour and everything is sounding great. Very enthusiastic audiences. Having a lot of fun playing new songs and new arrangements of familiar songs. This is tonight’s venue in Boston. Day off tomorrow and then we play New York.

These are the days we wait for…

Just had an amazing week in the studio with my buddy and fellow Scissor Sister Bridget Barkan. Very excited to get these songs mixed and mastered and out into the world. So glad that we managed to find time this year to get together and record. Looking forward now to the rest of my summer dates with Alison Moyet. This week Leuven in Belgium, then in August we are playing Weyfest and Beautiful Days. After that we go into rehearsals, then off to the US in September. Very grateful to be so busy this year! 

Long drops and quick dips

On Saturday I was at Glastonbury Festival with Alison Moyet, witnessing the Jeremy Corbyn frenzy and struggling with technical difficulties on stage, and now I am in a luxury hotel on the Palace Promenade in The Hague. Amazing where this job takes you sometimes; such contrasts in small timeframes. Although Ableton decided to reset all our midi routing in the hour before showtime, the Glastonbury show was really great – amazing crowd and lovely backstage area at Leftfield. Billy Bragg was a welcoming presence to everyone there; very inspiring to be around his unflagging enthusiasm and commitment. 

Last night at Park Pop we managed to fix the issue with Ableton and the show was great. Looking forward to getting back into the studio for a couple of weeks before the next gig with Alison in July.

Other by Alison Moyet out today 

I am very proud to be involved in the making of this album. Sean McGhee and I co-wrote The Rarest Birds with Alison and Reassuring Pinches with Alison and Guy Sigsworth. Looking forward to touring new material in the Autumn.